Hi, Michelle
We are engineering company and we made the most safety and collaborative robot ever. User Interface and Experience, Safety, Operations, everything we made - on the highest way and empathy to our customers.
Michelle works with people, but generate profit for your business.

- work at the dynamic changing areas
- obstacle avoidance
- adaptive speed and hardware mode changes depending on the workload at the store
- no need for support
- robot configuration with intuitive user interface / user experience

We make:
- stock-take procedures
- location
- shelf recognition
- recognition of different codes

Michelle provides real-time picture, on-shelf product data for the global retail industry. Our robots navigate the busy retail ecosystem, collecting a wealth of data that allows retailers to optimize the omnichannel shopping experience. Our multidisciplinary team of robotics, artificial intelligence, and big data scientists has solved the challenges to deploy fully autonomous retail service robots and deliver actionable data in real-time
We are looking forward to working with you. partner@michellerobotics.com

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